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New Forum
« on: July 21, 2008, 11:21:55 AM »
Here's the skinny.

In early June, the Lazy H Diamond website was moved to a new web host server.  The new server does not support the old forum YABB format that I was using.  The home page of the old forum still worked, but none of the categories or posts could be accessed.

Usually I just go to the forum's home page to see if there were any new posts, so I didn't realize that the forum innards weren't accessible.  I first noticed there was a problem a couple of days ago when I tried to add a post to the What's New section. 

Since then the web host owner, (Steve), and I have been working diligently to transfer everything to this new forum.

It's an ongoing process, so bear with me for a few days.

As I transfer all the members over, I will have to reset everyone's password.

E-Mail me for your new password, and the first time you log in go to your profile and change it to one of your own choosing.