The Haines Homestead is located approximately seven air miles south southeast of Helena, Montana on Jackson Creek Road. Access is limited to Haines family members and their guests only. The trail to the homestead cabin from Jackson Creek Road is primitive and unmaintained. It is negotiable by car and RV, but care must be taken. The trail is gated and locked where it joins Jackson Creek Road. The sixteen present owners are the only ones with keys to the gate and cabin.

The homestead cabin and outbuildings are located in a shallow valley, thinly forested with pine trees, and nestled against a granite cliff. There is a small streambed behind the cabin which normally only has flowing water during the spring run-off. About 1/4 miles downslope from the cabin is a small spring, which in recent years only produces a trickle of water.

The topography of the rest of the homestead's 320 acres is varied, from grassy hills, to mountainous pine forest, to huge granite boulders and cliffs.

The homestead serves as a final resting place for many Haines family members who have passed away. A section of cliff has been established as a memorial area with stainless steel plates engraved with the names of those who have passed fastened to the cliff.